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Flexible, supplementary income totally within your control. The Teachers who work with us are earning £35–£65 p/h and choose how they tutor, when they tutor and who they tutor with.

We also work with unqualified Teachers.

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Connecting Learners and Qualified Teachers for Personal Tuition.

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Royal Borough Tutors is a Tutoring Consultancy and acts as an agent for the introduction of tutors to clients.

School Vacancies / Greensheets

Adverts on this website also appear in the Greensheets: Vacancies in Schools printed bulletin.

Greensheets: Vacancies in Schools has been published weekly, in term time, since 1997 and consists of two bulletins: one for teaching staff and one for support staff jobs. It is distributed to more than 1400 schools across 13 education authority areas and posted to be received early in the working week.

New advertisements are updated on this website on Mondays throughout every school term to coincide with the distribution of the paper bulletin.


Greensheets is produced by SPIKE Publications Ltd. Contact us by telephone or email, or use the quick contact form.

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